ODAA Transport has a vision of connecting the horn of Africa with a transport service that is uniquely known for its safety, comfort and reliability .ODAA transport will have the most modern fleet equipped with Intelligent Transport System (ITS) like fleet management, fuel management, passenger information system which easily accesses the buses from terminal to destination. This makes ODAA Transport a technologically leading and efficient business in Ethiopia.

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ODAA Energy is primarily focused in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products.The portfolio of petroleum products include fuel, lubricants, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), asphalts and others.
Today, this line of business has made its presence felt in the fuel sub-sector. It has employed a significant number of people and fuel transporting trucks and service stations to successfully carryout its business operation. While carrying out its routine, ODAA Energy is also conducting preparatory works on the import of lubricants, LPG and bitumen. The expansion it will make to its product portfolio will contribute to the job opportunity it creates and the return it brings to shareholders.

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1). Finfinnee:-
* Rift valley University Building Frist Floor
* Legehar Adams University college
* St.Estifanose church .

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ODAA Integrated Transport S.C. is a locally registered company whose primary purpose is benefiting a community of public shareholders from a private business it takes part in. ODAA Energy is the petroleum wing of the company which operates in the area of fuel, lubricants and related services. The company also has a huge transport wing which provides cross-country travel services with 50+ ultra-modern buses.